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Plasma Cutting

Flame & Plasma Cutting

Flame cutting (Flame Cut Steel), using a combination of oxygen and acetylene, and plasma cutting are both suitable for cutting metals. We can accommodate steel up to 9.5" thick. We have three tables for cutting, one 10x20, one 10x40, and one 10x50. All of these tables are from Wescan Systems and CNC Systems, and can cut any metal based on customer profiles.

Metal Bending

After cutting, when desired, we can bend metal up to 1" thick and sheet metal up to a 12' profile. This includes fabricating boxes and custom frames that are three dimensional.

Angles, Holes, & Notches

We have a 180-ton worker that can punch angles and holes and create notches and flat stock. Under that we have shearing capabilities and a pan saw that can do mitering. We can cut at 45° for angular cuts.

Custom-Made Products

We are a contract manufacturer. There are many parts we can fabricate for you, fully custom. All you have to do is order by the part number, and our expert technicians start working on your order. You can ask us about special parts you require, and those parts can be custom made for you. For more information on custom-manufactured products, please contact us directly. We serve New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.